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Umm…yes. Bit of a problem with work.  Actually, quite a big problem, ongoing you might say, the kind which has me sitting here looking at a just-completed application form. Something very different, sort of, encouragingly dynamic dual diagnosis team. More money, more challenge.  But that’s beside the point.
I like my job. Well, I like the concept of my job, the clients. Problem = manager. (I have other names for her, but that will do for now)
I don’t like the word discrimination. Tends to open a  whole can of worms, that one, and the only place I want them is in the soil at the allotment. But this is just getting silly. Will put this in bullet points, thoughts aren’t entirely clear on this one.

- amazingly, every man and his dog (at work, anyways) know my hiv status. Not a problem in and of itself…I’d of told em anyway, can’t be bothered with keeping secrets anymore these days.  Just prefer to be the one doing the telling, is all.

- Jokingly, supposedly, she tells me that myself and the other woman I job-share with, were only hired to score PC brownie points…patty, because she is 56, and me, cos, well…I’m disabled. And other stuff. Nice confidence booster, that one.

- After interviewing a (mobility impaired) prospective employee, she stands in the office, by my desk, muttering about how equal opportunities are all very well, but “you get what you pay for when you hire the sick and the lame”. Don’t know about everyone else, but when I’s muttering, rest of the room isn’t hearing me.  When I pulled her up on this, she insisted she was joking/didn’t say that/etc etc etc

- the lunch break issue. Biggy, this one. I take some meds which require 3x daily dosing. With food. Proper food, not just a biscuit, or an Ensure…otherwise I’m being ick all afternoon and it’s not pretty. I take these meds at 1pm. I am willing to change this to anytime between 12 and 2pm. Or even a bit earlier or later. I just need 15-20 minutes to eat something and swallow pills. And no, we’re not allowed to eat at our desks anymore, not even a rich tea, cos there are new computers to protect., and it doesn’t give a good impression. (To who? Is my response, but never mind) Po-faced Annie refuses , on a regular basis, to allow me to have a break/lunch…usually until around 4pm. Or, she offers me 10 am, or something equally ridiculous. Very helpful . We have had numerous “discussions” about this,and she just isn’t giving any ground. But, the diabetic secretary, all “I feel weak/tired/faint” every 5 minutes, gets her guaranteed lunch break, of one hour, often longer.

There is other stuff, personal stuff, about me, which just isn’t funny. And I should probably fight this one, yes, that would be the right thing to do , but to be honest, I don’t want to.  It is so back door these days, for the most part, the discrimination. Ends up just she said/ I said/ he said, and I ain’t going to win that one.  And then there’s the yoga practising, meditating part of me, that says, meet the anger/negative energy with love, challenge it that way, educate and explain and understand…

but still, the application form, done, dusted, in addressed envelope, is sitting in front of me.

Answers on a post card, please, people


You boss is breaking the UK disability discrimination legislation, not to mention I expect, various in-house policies.  A fight's a fight n with a manager it's always tough. New job might be better for you if you have the option.  Alternatively there are people in East London who fill wheelie bins with extra rubbish at reasonable rates (so I am told)

Chin up and best foot forward (against her arse).

But seriously, a little bit of documentation, eg when you requested lunch, when it was refused and a letter to personnel pointing out the duty to make reasonable adjustments under the DDA may be the way to go. I suspect, your card will be marked the very same day. But so will hers be and no further lives to mess up will she go

- matt


--- Quote from: newt on July 08, 2006, 11:45:00 AM ---Chin up and best foot forward (against her arse).

But seriously, a little bit of documentation, eg when you requested lunch, when it was refused and a letter to personnel pointing out the duty to make reasonable adjustments under the DDA may be the way to go.

--- End quote ---

LOL Matt. Kate: Sorry to hear this.  >:( Love Matt's idea about documentation. Annie's decisions are hindering your health and therefore your productivity. If I were you, I would keep a spiral notebook and name it "Chronology, Details & Insight re: Annie's Unprofessional Verbal Vitriol and Her Predilection for Creating an Unhealthy Atmosphere of Abject Compliance and Favoritism" (Annie sounds like a f#@%&#g fascist)

They have a phone number, these east London boys?

Good idea, yes, the writing down, whether in titled journal or otherwise - have been recording, half-arsed it must be said, but will collect thoughts better and make a proper go of it.  Yes, she is flaunting DDA and in-house rules, and if it was anyone else but me, I’d be banging down doors …something though, possibly small person who was bullied? says no, it’s not that bad, just lunch breaks and silliness and no one would take it seriously anyway.
My eyes are quieter than usual, as someone said the other day, so change is needed, clearly. but there should be a letter before I go, or a meeting, or perhaps both.
Tomorrow, weather permitting, plan is a walk from Hampton Court to Kew Gardens…long, yes, but if we get there before closing, there is the reward of the colours and the perfume and the glasshouse.  And then perhaps some beers in a pub garden somewhere, to watch football and people and Sunday ending.

Thank you, both of you.


Personallly, if I were leaving and had the exit sorted, a public dressing down would seem to me the desirable and delicious parting shot.  :D

Kew glasshouse, v good trip, esp. at the end of the day in the sub-tropical one when they turn on the misters.

Much love

- matt


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