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Inspired by Tim:

What do you do in the fight against aids and HIV? How do you do it? I know from some people what they do but maybe others do it more silently?

And also: What needs to be done? Which items are important? Can we unite? Can we for example make magazines to write about certain issues? What other action possibilities do we have?

Let's inspire each other here!

You know, sometimes just being open to someone can already be important, it doesn't always have to be big things.


I feel most often that it's the subtle approach that works best, at least from my perspective. I take the time to get to know people and let them know me. This helps assuage their (and sometimes my)  biggest enemy: fear.

Of course, every once in a while I go for shock value, especially when assumptions need to be challenged. My most recent memory of this scenario was at school with female acquaintances, some of whom knew I was homosexual. The room came to a hush as I entered - clearly they were discussing "gal only" material. I encouraged them to continue - "Don't mind me!". As the discussion slowly restarted, I found that their topic was about how badly some guys treat gals. With the discussion in full swing, one of them turned to me and asked the name of my girlfriend. When I replied "Andrew", there was a marked silence after which everyone bust into genuine laughter.

It's not always about disclosure of status for me, but little things like this seem to make my/the world a little bit smaller and more intimate.

Andy Velez:
Gotta love that reply, Wellington.

Cheers to you,

Andy Velez:
Coen, you have to think about what you are interested in, what makes you want to do something. Talk with other people in your life, read the papers and see where there are situations or experiences in your life which are unsatisfactory to you.

You will find what turns you on and how to be most effective when you find what you feel passionately about.


Hi Coen,

I read these posts of "call to arms" but do not reply.  Frankly, I am not a person that needs the "rah rah" to motivate me.  What I do, I do within my community, and need no reinforcement from these forums to do so, nor is it important to me that people here know I am an advocate. Why?  Because my motives are real.  I am driven by the need to help people. Period.  Pats on the back and the "ah that's wonderful" kudo got old long ago, and honestly, sometimes I wonder about the true motives of some people here when they call themselves "activists."  In my opinion, an activist is something someone else calls you for your deeds.  Not something you label yourself because you just saw Richard Gere on the 25 years of AIDS airing, or read Tim's posts.   

 I am a state member of the CPG (Community Prevention Group), as well as a new member to the Kansas City EMA Planning Council.  I am highly regarded in my community.

where it really matters.


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