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HELP PLEASE! Domestic thingy question...

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A couple of days ago I put some pasta to heat on my stove, then jumped in the shower whilst it was heating. As I was getting dressed, I suddenly became aware of a strange but familiar smell coming from certainly didnt smell like pasta! I followed my nose into the kitchen and finally realised that the strange smell was melting plastic! After putting the pan on the hot plate, I'd turned on the wrong ring and instead of heating my pasta I was in fact in the process of making 'fondu a la water filter jug'...Yes , I'd accidently left my water filter jug on the stove and was now cooking it!

My question: How can I remove melted plastic from my hot plate???
I'm not talking mounds of the stuff - it's just kind of formed a plasticy smooth glaze all over the ring.

Melia  ??? 

hello...not an easy thing to remove,plastic.

Acetate should be able to get it off,if it's a glass electric cooker top. If it doesn't work, you could  try reheating the area to soften the plastic if possible. Reheating should make it much easier to scrape off and you should be able to remove the residue left behind with the acetate. PLEASE be very careful if you're doing this though... acetate is highly flammable. Scrubbing with a thick paste made with water + baking soda might do it... and it's not flammable.

good luck


oddly enough something similar happened in my kitchen lately. It really depends on the type of 'hot plate' youre refering to is it the type made of  metal rings or a sealed flat surface that is heated from underneath ??
Id definitely heat it at a low temp for a short time to soften the plastic, then carefully scrape as much as you can off with a single edged razorblade or utility knife blade youll probablly have to followup with a scrub with steel wool or an abrasive powdered cleaner and a bit of water ( unplug the hotplate for this ofcourse)
If this is the cooktop of a stove or a built in unit, it may be possible to simply replace the entire heating unit  which is usually no more difficult than changing a lightbulb.

I had the same thing happen except it was with one of those plastic paper plate holders.  What alerted me to my mistake was the sound of it bursting into flame and the smell of acrid smoke.  :o  By the timet that happened and I got the fire out, the element was pretty much totally encased in plastic.  I figured I'd never get it clean so I just unplugged it and threw it out. 

I still haven't replaced it yet.  I have three working ones left and I don't cook much so it hasn't been a priorty.  I just keep the 'hole' covered.  ::)

Thanks Penguin/Lwood for your advice and TedEBearNC for sharing your story, hehe!
I'm ashamed to admit I still havent got round to it...I'M SOOOO LAZY! ::) I have the knife/steel wool scourers ready and waiting on top of the stove. All I need now is someone to come along and actually do the job for me or give me a huge kick up the arse to get it done myself! Any offers? Oh well, I may get it done in this lifetime. Watch this space...

Lazy Arse Melia  ;D


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