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Will my family know that it was a man that infected me?


 I am a white male in m 30's. I have been straight my whole life.

   I am just about 100 % sure that I will test positive from preforming oral sex on a man.
 If my family helps me with my illness, will they be able to tell if it was a man that infected me? I plan to tell them it was a 3-some with two strange women. I will consider killing myself to prevent them from knowing.  This is the first, last and only time that I did this. I can't believe that I got infected from living out a fantasy from watching internet porn. I must be the most unlucky person in the world.

Thank you.


   If you have not tested positive you should not be posting in this forum.  The moderators will most likely move this to the Am I Infected forum.

  Oh and BTW.....  If oral was your only exposure you can strike HIV off your list of STD's you may have caught....  I'm just saying.


  Why feel bad for fullfilling a fantasy?   Fullfilling your fantasies doesn't get you infected . Unprotected sex does... 

You are getting way ahead of yourself here. There is no way anyone can be 100% sure they are infected without a test. You don't know yet if you are infected, and may very well not be. Chill out.

Second, in the event you are infected, there is no absolutely no way anyone can ever know, nor are they entitled to know, how it happened. I don't know where you have been the last few years, but more heterosexual people are getting infected than homosexual, and straight men do become infected after having sex with infected women, so if it comes to having to explain what happened (and only as a function of improving your coping, and your mental health), all you have to say is "a stupid night, when I was drunk, and had unprotected sex with a woman I met at a bar". End of story.

But again, you simply have to wait for your test results.


I have moved this thread you posted in the Living forum to the Am I Infected forum where it belongs. If you had read the Welcome Thread like you are supposed to, you would have read the following:

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