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How to Get Your Pirate On in Three Easy Steps!

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Step 1:  get a twenty-something hippy chick to dress up like a pirate with you.

Step 2: Drive your minivan (now christened "The Brown Pearl") to the local cineplex.

Step 3: Snarl at everyone in line and watch Pirates of the Caribbean 2!

Love and Treasure,
Captain Basquo (who filled a flask and had to leave it at home when he found out he had to navigate and steer)

I saw the film today Creighton.....I have to say I think Johnny Depp was better in the first "Pirates".   But the special effects in this one are incredible....if I had seen that when I was a child, I would have had nightmares for a month.   I guess they are more 'mature' now....doesn't phase them.


I liked the first one better, but yes the special effects were great! 

There were kids as young as two there, but for the most part they were pretty well behaved.  It was (gasp) actually nice to see parents there taking their kids to the movies. My parents did that too, but not at night until we were at least 10 or so.

Johnny Depp was gorgeous, and still in the same character. I'm not so sure he'll get an Oscar nod this time around, though.

Johnny Depp could shiver my timber any time he liked!  :o



OY!!!  Hated it!!!  I would almost rather watch Alexander, ok...maybe not.  It's a toss-up.

The only part worth mentioning is when the giant squid cums all over Capt Jack Sparrow. hehe  Now THAT was good.


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