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Dear Teresa,

You are a very special person.  It seems like only two months ago when your world was turned upside down by this thing we call HIV.  You jumped in the middle of it all, started asking questions, getting the answers and offering support to others in the process.

I admire you every day for your strength, your courage and your conviction and most of all for what you have done to keep your family together.  Having lived through all of this myself and alone for the past 12 years, I know it has not been easy but you accepted the challenge and you are a force to be reckoned with.

There are very few things that have the ability to invoke an emotional response from me.  I responded to this post yesterday and got sidetracked and forgot to hit send, my earlier response was lost in cyber space.  After reading Moffies email to you and Hubby, I found that I can make tears.

Being on the Planning Council, several sub-committees and the Funding Allocation Working Group, I see a lot of financial reports from local ASOs and having so much information coming my way on the RWCA re-authorization legislation, I often wonder how so many non-profit organizations will be able to keep their doors  open and continue to provide support and needed services.  Kansas has a secret weapon called Teresa.  Thank you ever so much for being the person you are.  Have the best day

Matty the Damned:
There are not words sufficient to describe the love and admiration I have for Daddy Tim. Your post is elegant testimony Teresa.



Hi Teresa

Like all the others I'm very proud of really are on your way..and you won't regret one day of it.

Jan :-*

Good for you Teresa!!!  And good for (Tim) Moffie for helping your husband see the light.  Keep us posted!!!



You've gone from one worried wife to a positive thinking, adult woman bent on doing something for the good of all us us.   Wow.  What a change.  Congratulations.

And thanks Tim for your kind words.



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