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Because of Moffie

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Its because of Moffie! I want to thank him publically.  ;D

Since i have been at these forums and have read things that Moffie, aztecan, Sonomabeach, Zephyr, and many others have said, i have wanted to do something, anything.

I had talked to hubby about doing some kind of volunteer work with HIV/Aids here in our city. He wasnt too keen on the idea. He doesnt want anyone to know he is HIV+ and he thought that if I all of a sudden started volunteering with HIV it would raise some questions. So I didnt want to so anything that would make him uncomfortable as he has enough to deal with. So I thought that was it. Then I got the idea to PM Moffie and explain my dilemma and see if he had any suggestions. He sent me a PM and asked if I would give him a couple of days to get his thoughts together.

Well he sent me and hubby a pm yesterday. Asked that we read it together which we did. After Hubby read it, he looked at me and said ok, if you want to volunteer, knock yourself out. Moffie knew just the right things to say! Thank you so much Tim! :-*

Well today i went and donated some ensure that Hubby didnt need to Positive Directions. I asked about getting an application to volunteer. Of course the lady wasnt there so a nice looking man in his 30s talked to me. I asked him questions that ranged from..Why I never hear about fund raisers for HIV/Aids being done here to questions about the food bank and how food is distributed. I wouldnt say that i went off on him on why more isnt done in our city toward awareness but Id say he was taken aback from some of questions and comments. He asked if he could ask why i was so passionate about HIV/Aids and I told him about hubby. He took my name and address and said he would have the lady mail me out an application since he didnt know where she kept them. I said ok and asked what his job was there. He smiled at me and said Im the Director here. I shook his hand and said it was nice meeting you and he looked at me and smiled and said I know I will be seeing more of you.

So thanks to Moffie I think Im on my way. You all have inspired me to get involved and do something.

I love you all.


Hi Teresa!

YOU GO GIRL!! I am just so impressed with how you have resolved this 'dilemma', ALL of you!

Another fine example of the incredible connections happening here, solutiions to problems offered, the direction of a life changed, and indeed many, many lives touched down the road.

It says so much about you, and your hubby, and of course, Moffie......his wisdom and huge heart have no end, aren't we all so fortunate?

I have been inspired by your story, and can only say that I look forward to hearing updates about your journey!!

With love,

Zephyr :-*

Yay Teresa!   I'm proud of you. 

Way to go Teresa! I am proud of you!



YAY, Teresa...

That's awesome!!!


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