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My boyfriend has HIV symptom showing.But he refuse to see a doctor.I'm afraid he might infect from me.I was raped few months ago.But I have not told him.So he is sure he is find.I'm crying every day seeing him suffer from this.I don't know how I should start telling him.I called the HIV help lines.They don't seem to be so helpful as they website said.They passed me on one to the others.I have to take him to get the test tomorow.He is getting weak and weak.I have no sympton yet but I'm so depressed.I wished I was the only one who suffer from all the pain and bad things not my boyfriend.
I live in London.Does anyone know where I can get advice or counselling?

I'm completely lost.

Matty the Damned:

There are no specific symptoms of HIV infection. One viral condition is much like another. HIV is diagnosed by identifying risk behaviours and having antibody tests performed at the appropriate time.

Is there a reason why you think your sweetie's symptoms are HIV related?


Hi thanks for your reple.That give me a little hope.Because I was rape and I don't know who was the guy.I woke up in a hotel.I remember that room had a strange smell.

My boyfriend feels very very weak.Start from 2 weeks ago.And got muscle pain on his back between his neck and his shoulder.He is a strong and active man.He has never get this before.He starts to smell bad from the inside of his body.Both from breaht and fa**(sorry don't want to be rude)Sometime he smell like the same smell in the hotel room.

I'm praying to God.But I was in the risk situation.And my boyfriend is sick.I'm can't change the past.I'm prepare to face it but it is quite hard.
I'm so worry.

Andy Velez:
A, this is all guessing. HIV is nothing to guess about. That's terrible that you were raped. And it must be a burden that you are keeping it secret. If you haven't already been tested for HIV that's something you need to do. Along with getting counseling.

As for your bf, I don't know what the reason is that HIV is a concern. Something in his history? Symptoms are never the way to know about HIV status. There's nothing you are mentioning about his symptoms which is HIV specific. If his status is in doubt then he should get tested.

AND no less importantly, if you are having intercourse he should be wearing a condom everytime until both of you are tested. Only when both partners test negative together and decide to be in a securely monogamous relationship can you make a decision to not use condoms.

Good luck with getting these matters straightened out.   

Thank u Andy.I'm always tell him to use the condom.I bought it.For now I wonder will I ever have sex with someone again?I'd like to think positive but I'm so worry.I'm very sad to be selfish that I didn't tell him.I worry that he will not except this.I'm so scare.How would he feel if he has infect it from me.It s differenc from me.I quite except it now as I was the victim.But he'd think he has nothing to do with this.Why he has to suffer with it.I'm blaming myself so badly.

I found this web is very useful,people here are truely nice.I'm a little more brave to tell him and get the test.
Thank you so much.



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