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We need to Unite this country once again!


Dear Forum,

I would urge everyone to please take the time to sign and send the below petition to your political representatives. It’s time for this country to come back together as a United States. With interest in our mutual causes for the good of all the people.  And to stop the special interest groups that are influencing our elected officials with big money and party favors.

It use to be, (When I was much younger) after an election the whole country got behind whoever was the winner. Politics for the past many years has been way too partisan in this country in which the middle class is loosing dearly. Partisanship and religiously sponsored hatred has got to end.

Please take a moment to browse through and read Unity08. Then send an email from that site to your representatives. Pitting one party against another does no good whatsoever for anyone of us. We have the power to make a change for the better and that power is at the ballot box. We must change the direction of this country,

Read here:

Sign here:


PS. I need to learn Val’s use of the English language, obtain Matty’s brains, Jonathan’s patience, grow Moffie’s ball’s and Joe Killfoile’ ability to say it the right way to begin with. But I try to work with what I got.  ???

Andy Velez:
Terry, I moved this thread here because it is not HIV specific.



I’m sorry you chose to move this to the off topics forum. I feel that it was an important enough subject to be posted in the living with forum. The reason being for me at least, is that it is that serious. It shouldn’t be considered fun conversation. It’s not an off topic subject. It is a very serious situation that is directly affecting persons living with HIV/AIDS.

HIV funding is being cut every single day. If stopping this hatred towards gay’s and HIV/Aids is not reason enough then I don’t know what is.

Just saying, but I’ve been wrong once before.

Terry(Who's really disappointed right now)

Signed, and sent Terry.
I am disgusted, and disgraced by our "so called" leaders' adolescent bickering.

Signed and sent!

I agree, we need to take back our own country, and stop letting everything be controlled by the lobbyists.


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