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Hello dear friends, I had recently, some sexual experience with an unknow female partner and all prevention was taken during intercourse. That is I was wearing the condom all the time.
I have to tell that before exposing my statement here I tryed reading all issues concerned with the following situation, from the former tips to some of your statements concerning other people´s case, and from what I realized, supposedly there shouldn´t be great concern, and that is what I´d like to hear from you, to remain calm, though tests will be applied within 13 weeks.
What happened back in the day I had intercourse with this woman, was that I had in my right hand 2 small wounds done some 3-4 hours before with a bottle tin capsule, which back then I had washed with soap some 2 different moments and tryed to stanch the few blood it came out. Anyway, I would say that in the moment I was with that woman I would have no more blood but some natural secretion from my right palm. What happened was , not being totally aware due to some over consumption of alchool, I tryed lubrifying her vagina to start penetration with that same hand and afterwards, because my condom was slipping off my penis, I adjusted it with both hands, the stupid thing is, I masturbated myself a bit with my right palm (always with the condom on, which was wet from my partner´s vaginal secretion). So my concern is the possibility of HIV transmission from infected vaginal juice/secretion to my blood, throw my wounded palm. If the wounds would have be done 1 day ago, considering their irrelevant dimension I wouldn´t be worried, but considering it was quite fresh 3 hours minimum. Help me here please, and thanks for your forum and your help. Don

You were never at risk. An open wound is a bleeding wound. Your wound was not bleeding. It takes a laceration to even consider it a minimal risk.

Andy Velez:
OK. Don. Having followed the step-by-step description of this incident I agree with Rod that you were not at risk for HIV transmission.

HIV is a fragile virus. It is not easy to transmit and it requires a very welcoming environment to happen. Which is in no way what you described. Even the cut or whatever you had on your hand would already have formed a protective (though transparent) covering as the beginning of the healing process. And even IF the woman you were with is HIV+, the fluids which would contain HIV are in the cervical area, which is not where you would have been fingering her.

I don't see any need for testing nor for further concern on your part.


Hello again, dear Andy Velez and RapidRod
I read your comments on my statement, and sure they do relieve me. I really thought several times on considering that a problem or risk.
A good thing I should not have to. Thank you again for your lovely care, all the best.

Andy Velez:
Glad you found our responses to be helpful, Don.

Just keep using those handy condoms everytime you have intercourse and you're essentially "covered" as far as sexual transmission of HIV. The other risks are more theoretical than real in the world of HIV science.



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