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My next NIH research trip

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Hi Everyone in our Global Family

It's been a long time since I posted anything. I've been well but keeping a low profile.

I want to let you know that on Saturday morning I begin my long journey from my home near Melbourne Australia to Bethesda Maryland to again participate in the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Long Term Non Progressor (LTNP) study. This is the third year of my participation and second time this year I've participated.

I'm one of a number of Forum members who are in this study among whom are RedHot Muscle Bear. Emeraldize, OakTree and Zephyr.

I'm dedicating this trip to our beloved Forums family Member Christine, who passed away today.

It is with great sadness and hope that I make this journey. Christine was a remarkably kind and gracious person and I among many will miss her compassionate voice.

In my blessed good health I'll continue these trips to NIH and elsewhere in the hope and prayer that we may one day see an end to this loathsome disease among us.

In Peace and Love

Andy Velez:
It's good to hear from you again, Paul. You're making a powerful contribution by participating in the study. You go with the thanks and blessings of all of us.

Safe voyage, 

Hey Paul,

Thank you for taking part in this and going the extra mile - literally - to be a part of this study.

Bon voyage,


Dear Paul,

Although we spoke by phone yesterday just prior to your departure, I wanted to publicly say 'THANK YOU' for taking yet
another trip to the U.S. to share those precious cells of yours with science.  Not sure exactly where you are at the moment,
but you know I'm with you in spirit, no matter where you go.

I wish that everyone could know how special you truly are, and how deeply you care about contributing to the studies, both for
the NIH, and with David Cooper in Sydney, and Dr. Walker in Boston.

My dear friend, one day we may be able to celebrate the breakthrough, knowing that we each did the best we could to help
them unlock this mystery.

Wishing you the safest of travel, and love,


Hello Paul,

Thanks for keeping us updated. Wishing you a safe trip...Thanks for all you do, it's always good to hear from you !

All the Best--------Ray


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