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Low risk but a lot of symptoms


To forum members and advisers, first of all, thank you for very good welcome package which I have read. However, after reading it I still have few questions related to HIV and ARS.

Encounter: I had massage at Beijing which I ordered from hotel service number. After one hour normal massage event parlor gave some massage to my dick as well and inserted same time her finger few times to my ass. I have no idea if she had cuts on her fingers. However, I know that I have had long time some small bleedings at end of rectum every now and then. There was no real intercourse. According your notes I should not be worried; however I am due to symptoms that I have as follows.

After 8-9 days of possible exposure I had pain on my knees and behind those. Further, I also had swollen lymph nodes behind ears few days. I visited doctor who thought that I may have got some bacteria from food and gave me antibiotics. At day 12 I had also pain on tights (muscles) as well on groin area and mild fewer  98,24 - 99.32 F that lasted a couple of weeks. I had also tender swollen lymph nodes at neck and armpits. And light rash on my face and neck, could be due to stress but it is also related to ARS.

 At day 26 I got yeast infection to my mouth and penis that has lasted more than one month. Might be due to antibiotics but...

At day 27 I had HIV VIDAS DUO ULTRA test (AB and Ag) which came back negative.

Now I am living on day 65 and I still have pain on hollow of the knee (both) and sometimes on armpits, yeast as described above. Further, I get muscle pain very easily to my tights.

According to my doctor no further testing required even thought I have had above symptoms and she has not found any reason for those. According to normal blood test everything is fine: low CRP etc.

If I have understood correctly studies made of early phases of HIV that antigen (p24) is always present very shortly after first clinical symptoms. Further, after two weeks onset of symptoms there could also detectable antibodies (according to research papers). But could I have so bad luck that tests could not detect anything and I got HIV from fingering.

Further, is it normal (within HIV) that symptoms that I described above remains almost two months. Before this event I have been very rarely sick and my fitness level has been very high, but not any more...

Thanks in advance!

You were never at risk and whatever your symptoms are, are unrelated to HIV.

Andy Velez:
No matter what spin your mind continues to put on it you absolutely were not at risk for HIV transmission during this recent incident. There was no need for testing and certainly not for any further HIV testing.

If your symptoms persist then see your doctor again. You aren't going to make history by becoming the first person to ever be infected through a massage and by having your anus fingered. Ain't gonna happen no how.

Just for future information, ARS does not extend over a two month period. When it occurs, it's for a week or two at most and all of the symptoms come at the same time. I hesitate to even discuss it with you because right now your head is so busily scaring you.

This is not an HIV situation. Period. End of story.


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