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Hi all


I have been lurking around the poz forums for about 9 months now and I jut wanted to introduce myself.

In January I found out that my supervisor is HIV positive. From the first moment we met there was a soul connection, not in the romantic sense more along the lines of him being my older brother and mentor. I was shocked, but I guess my response was positive, because he invited me to come along to a couple of his ID doctor's appointments. I also ended up sitting in on some Care consortium meeting in our area.

It was because of him that I felt the need to talk to state legistators in CT on HIV /Aids. My famous quote from that speech was " You will soon know and dread my name, I am the new blood "

I'm a Social Work major in school, focusing on HIV/Aids Case Management. I would love to hear from anyone , anything positive /negative that a case manager has done. I'm still learning the ropes  :)

Trini  ;D

Hi Trini. I can't offer specifics on case management but if one utilizes the search button at the top left of this page it should yield some results. In the past nine months you have likely read a good bit--now that I think of it. Seems like you're in the thick of things having attended/speaking-out before legislators. Good Luck in your career.
Welcome to the forum.

If I had waited on my case worker to help me deal with this virus, I would be much worse off.  I was referred to him shortly after I tested positive.  My partner and I went to see him once, where he checked on my financial status, set me up with a doctors appointment, gave me his card, and that was it.  I never heard back from him after that date.  I even tried to call him to ask him a question about insurance, but I never received a call back.  That was over two years ago.  I know that he still works at the same office, but he has done nothing to assist me.

Thankfully I am a very independent person who is dedicated to my own health.  I also have a strong network of support and help from friends.  They all make sure that I am doing well.  I made a decision shortly after I tested poz to not let this virus take control of my life.  With the help of my loved ones, I have kept that promise so far.  I don't know why I have not heard from the case worker, but I'm lucky enough that I don't need him, otherwise I'm sure I'd be on his case much more.

Hope this helps,


Its high time some new blood entered the system.


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