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I have been offered a full time job as a secretary with the State of Tennessee Department of Childrens Services. The job pays 21,000.00 a year with full health benefits.  I am currently drawing SSDI with Medicaid/TNCare. Should I keep my part time job at the bank and still draw SSDI/Medicaid or go for the full time job with benefits? I am in good health, not counting the recent MSRA infection that is now resolved. My #'s are great, undetectable 436 t cells. I take good care of myself, take my meds on time, eat right, get excersise, and 8 hours sleep each night. I am finding that working part time doesn't keep me "stimulated" enough. Should I hang on to SSDI and continue to work part time or go for the full time job and give up disability??? This is a hard decision for me to make. Fear of the unkown is holding me back.


That's great Dan! Will you still live in Jackson?

My gut instinct...go for it!

Hal&Sam ;)

The job is in Jackson. My mother is completely against me doing this. She is affraid that I will get sick again and won't be able to keep the job and then not be able to get my SSDI benefits back. I understand her concerns but a guys gotta do what he feels he needs to do. This job would give me the opportunity to have my personal life back. Mainly my OWN place to live. Don't get me wrong I am grateful that my parents were  willing and able to help me when I was seriously ill. I need to get out on my own again & this job will allow me to do that.

Or I continue to work for the bank part time, draw SSDI & live at home with the old folks.


I say go for it, sounds like a great opportunity.  If you go back to work FT don't you continue to receive SSDI for a short time?  I think it's a return to work program thry Social Security.   I also think there is a window of time where disability would start back up if you could not remain working.  Just some things you may want to look into.



That is the Ticket to Work Program. You have a one time 9 month trial work period where you can earn as much as possible and still draw your SSDI benefits. I have already used my trial work period when I worked for the law firm as a debt collector. If I did get sick again I think my SSDI benefits would start back. The insurance question is the main thing I am worried about. With out that I can't get my meds.


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