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 ;)Hi all..
Hi all.
In Novembers issue of poz magazine, there will be an article about lypo...
I will be in that issue, photo and all...I am trying to help us with the side effects we
experience with the meds..
My name and photo will be in that article...
I wasn't sure if i should do this but then I thought if I cant help with these problems, them let me be a pioneer for us all..
Look for me in Novembers issue..OK..Hope it helps us all..
Didn't want to give my name and photo at first, because everyone that picks up this
issue will know that iam hiv pos....But then I hell with them ..If they have
a problem with it..then there not friends at all..
Hope it helps or opens a door to all the bad side effects that are happening to us all.

Can't wait to see it!




November's POZ Magazine - LOVES IT !!



this is ubotts, but for some reason I had to open up a new acct...Using the name
Sharonstoned...Go no one will know who I am..

I think ill start a new post telling all about this..and thank you guys...

I posted this in the womens group as well..and it seems no one else would want there
name or photo to be shown.
But one of us women has to be the mouth here..
So I guess thats me ???
If some of my friends do read this article and dont want to be bothered, then they werent friends at all..There loss not mine...... :-\


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