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For our community members in London


We share your remembrance on this day. There has been complete coverage on television here in the states.
It was a terrible loss. :'(

I remember the campaign that went on immediately after the bombings,   I just had to have the shirt...

I cant wait to visit London

The Canuck:
It was terrible indeed and hope it won't ever happened again in London, or in any other cities for that matter. Violent acts aren't the answers and can only generate more violence.

You'll enjoy London Lwood..this is a great city and can't wait to return someday.


The Canuck


Ill never forget, the day right after 9/11 when Queen Elizabeth of England requested that the United States National Anthem be played in front of Buckingham Palace. Shes a true Brit with the stiff upper lip and a fine lady.

We (the world) are in this battle together. May sane heads prevail over the radical terrorist.



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