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Peter Staley:

We've had our first pharma company pony up for placing ads on AIDSmeds, so we're having to find as much placement spots as we can on the site for various ad sizes.  You'll notice a new "skyscraper" ad in the left column of the forums.  We'll be adding various ad sizes to other content areas of the site in the coming days.  Starting on the 15th, you'll all start seeing Kaletra ads on the site.

I know for many of you this will be a big disappointment, but I hope others will understand the few choices we have in order to keep this site economically viable (and even help us by clicking on their ads!).  Everything on the site is free to our visitors, and we'll never change that.  And unlike sites based in Europe, we can't really look to our government for support.

Feel free to give us an earfull in this thread.  I'll make sure the higher-ups hear the feedback.  However, the Kaletra campaign is a done deal, so your comments might only affect future ad placements.



I think we all understand that the bills have to be paid Peter. I haven't found the ads too terribly intrusive.
If that is what it takes to keep our community alive, then I have no problem with it.

I don't see the ads anyway, so it doesn't concern me.

Hey can I rent out my space- say a banner under this message or where  taz is?
Johnny- hearing realistate in the cyber world is still strong!

Hey, at least it's my brand!  ;D


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