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Do I have to retest @ 6th month? ......Please help me I really want to cry!


Dear All,
I am 24 yrs old from THailand.....First of all, I am so sorry about my english communication....some words or sentenses may seen weird...

Last 3 months, I had 1-2 minutes anal unprotected sex ,I am gay male-receptions.....
Then I am so so worry because I ve cough for a week...
I went to a lot of very well knowm private hospital in here....the test were so expensive

My blood check history are as follow
- 6 weeks : Anti HIV I/II Stat =Non Reative by Eclia (Sens 100% , Spec 99.1%)
- 8 weeks : Anti HIV Immunochromonography = Non Reactive
- 72 Days (I don't know what kind of test they used) but the result cam NEGATIVE
- 75 Days "HIV PCR TEST" = Negative by nested
- 12 Weeks : Anti HIV I/II Stat =Non Reative by Eclia (Sens 100% , Spec 99.1%)

 However, I had coughed for 2 week  (without having fever during 80th day after exposure) The doctor told me that I was infected with some kind of virus according to less relaxation and anxity(Sleep Late...woke up early..which all are actially true) The cough gone within 2 weeks...Will this be because of HIV?

Furthermore, I was so worried ....I really don't want to wait till 6 months.....I cried everyday, can't sleep everyday.....
so I called my partner who I previously had sex with to have blood check  @ 87 -90 days after exposure (Which he claimed that the last time he had unprotect sex was very long, longer than 3 months)

My partner blood result after 90 (or over) days exposure
THe result is ...: Anti HIV I/II Stat  =Non Reative by Eclia (Sens 100% , Spec 99.1%)

Please help me....
1. Is ECLIA ok to check for HIV ? I called blood test lab...The tester told me that they used ELISA GEN 4th to do blood test..She also told me that ECLIA is the same as ELISA but use a different detection (.Electrochemiluminescence Immunoassay) Which I didn't understand much in tecnical term and usage. She also told me don't come again @ 6th moth because both of us was not infected....But I am here to ask a lot of very nice and kind expert...PLease help me!
2 Do I have to recheck again at 6 months.....It is torturing to wait more 3 month to have again at 6th mnth.
3.. Can I goback to normal life now? Should I stop worrying? Should I stop crying?

Best wish to all of you and Thank you in advance

Matty the Damned:
Yes, Michael you can stop crying. You are conclusively HIV negative. You do not need to test at 6 months.


Andy Velez:
The CDC is conservative in the matter of testing and has for a long time considered 13 weeks as sufficient to get a reliable test result. So yes, you have made it through safely this time and you are HIV negative.

BUT, you do need to learn from this experience. You can have intercourse as often as you like and with as many partners as you choose to. BUT, whoever is the insertive partner must be wearing a latex condom everytime. You put your health and your life at risk when you have unprotected intercourse. It's as simple and as real as that.

It doesn't matter what you think you know about your partner's history or how great he looks or anything. A condom is a must and no exceptions.

Good luck to you and get on with your life.

To matty and Andy,
THank a million for your kind kind reply, I will keep that in mind...I am trying to stop crying because i did it everyday for da past 3 months....My STD-HIV SPECIALIST doctor told me that my case is over....

this was my first time time I will be a aware of this.
I am from Thailand and truly feel wonderful to know both of you...

Take care and hope you have everyday a nice day
PS. Sorry for my English .....i haven't used it for a long time...


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