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will sucking prostitute breast cause HIV. I had only once sucked prostitute nipple, other than that i did'nt do anything. will this cause HIV. After 2 days from this incident...i got cough and cold other than that i dont have any illness. Is there any chance for HIV transmission through what i did...what is the possibility of HIV transmission

Please answer.


--- Quote ---will sucking prostitute breast cause HIV
--- End quote ---

The answer to your question is no..please read  Welcome Thread and follow the lessons on HIV transmissions.


sorry for another question.

if there is a cut or sore on my mouth..then what is the possibility.

please anmswer.

Matty the Damned:
There is still no possibility of you contracting HIV from sucking someone's tittie. As Goderator Jan told you, check out the Welcome Thread and read our transmission and testing lessons.


Andy Velez:
Just chiming in to say there was no risk in that incident. Among other things you ought to know, your saliva has elements in it which neutralize HIV.

Unprotected intercourse is the important risk you need to be aware of -- either vaginal or anal. As long as you consistently use condoms for intercourse you are "covered" as far as sexual activities and HIV. All of the other risks sexually are theoretical rather than actual in the real world of HIV.



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