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hi all,

it is more than a week that i am paranoid. i cannot sleep at night because i am afraid i got hiv from a fellatio. i received a fellatio by a transsexual. i had no condom on. the day after i notice on my penis some abrasions (little cuts made by teeth's i think). i am very afraid of having received hiv from this transex guy. i have read lots of stuff on this, but my worries don't leave me alone. i thinks to myself, why should he have hiv virus, and even if he has it why should he have a cut in his mouth, and even if these things are both true why should i have received hiv from him if statistics say it is very rare that fellatio can transmit aids (sorry for the incorrect english)
Some say it is at low risk, other say it is high risk. how do i have to listen to??????!!!!!
i know that saliva does not transmit hiv virus. but if the transex, who was doing a BJ on me had a cut in his mouth, i think the risk is very high.
please help me clear my mind. i really regret what i have done. and now i will star to do some propaganda on safe sax. safe sax forever.

thanks mark

Mark, you need to relax. No one has even gotten HIV from being given a blowjob and you won't be the first.

Andy Velez:
Mark, getting a blowjob is one of the most common sexual activities. In the entire history of the epidemic there has never been a documented case of transmission in this manner.

And that includes guys who have had nicks, "cuts," rashes and various other things they fear make them "special risks" for transmission. And none of them have ended up becoming infected. You aren't going to make history by being the first. It's totally irrelevant that your with a transsexual, which in your mind maybe another scarey factor.

This is all about feelings and it has no basis in HIV science. There are other STDs out there which can be transmitted via oral sex.

If you are sexually active it's a good idea to have a full panel of the standard STD tests done regularly -- at least annually -- and more frequently if you have any symptoms.

As far as HIV is concerned you don't have any cause for concern here. If you should have intercourse, make certain that whomever is the insertive partner is always wearing a latex condom. Everytime. No exceptions.


thanks rapidron and andy, your words make me feel better. ok, there is no documented case. but lets assume that the person doing the BJ is HIV+ and has a cut in the mouth, and the person receiving it gets his penis cut during the BJ. in this case there is blood contact, even if it is in small amounts, is there any risk what so ever???!!!

anyways i just wanted to say that this forum is great, people who are afraid to talk about this can come here and receve answers from others.


andy, sorry for my ignorance, but what are STDs??


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