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After my cardiologist and my gastroenterologist got onto me for not exercising, I decided to go back to the Y.   I dug into my meager savings and forked out the $268 required to "reinstate" me.

On the first day back, I hit it hard....way TOO hard....I've injured the tendon in my right elbow, and spent all day Monday in the ER.  I'm right handed, and my arm's in a sling (that sounds vulgar).... It's hard to type, so I'll be brief....

the title of this thread says it all for me....

Alan  :'(

Oh Honey that sucks! :'(

Just take a few days off and relax and let the tendon heal.

You will be back at the Y in no time. But next time, take it a bit easier.  You don't need to catch up on the exercise all at once.



Where is that cute trainer who was supposed to supervise you?

Alan how many times do I have to tell you that exercise is bad for your health? ;)

Take it easy kid.
Aunty D

Alan dear,

I hope you are not in pain ,but if you are, I hope they gave you good drugs.
now...were you trying to make up for the years without the gym in just one session?
Take it easy, let yourself heal before going back to the Y, and when you return, take it easy and don't hurt yourself again
how about spending time in the steam room instead  :P

get well  soon



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