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Hi, Please help me. I'm 18.... a guy. i had a sexual blitz with a girl... i inserted her vagina with a Condom (latex)..she was on top of me. Post that she decided to give me a massage & followed it up by Oral...well this time is was unprotected...she took me deep & made me cumm into was all great then but since then i'm worried about HIV. I did a PCR at about 31 days from a recognised Laboratory, came out to be undected. I'm basically a healthy guy.........but now i have developed body ache, throat problems & a general uneasiness.....I'm smoking about 30 cigarettes a Day...Can'tconcentrate.....what do i do??? I live in Malaysia...........& do not want dissapoint my contracting HIV..... I've been going through this site regularly for the last 4 days for answers.....Please do let me know how i'm placed with all this......when do i need to get tested.....& what are the test to be performed as i said i already did a PCR......but is it the right one????


Can I ask why you are using different usernames while posting to our forums? Thus far, you have also used abhishekmenon

Please realize that this kind of activity is disrespectful of other forum members, as well as our moderators. People spend a considerable amount of time helping others in these forums. Using multiple accounts is at the very least annoying, if not deceiving and disrespectful of others. It is also against our Terms of Membership which you agreed to when you became a member. This information is also contained within the Welcome Thread, which you should have read by now. So really, you have no excuse.

You must realize that the answers won't change, no matter how many names you post under.

I would appreciate a reply to this message, and I hope you will commit to using just one account - preferably your original one. If not, you will be banned from further access to the forums.


Well I'm really sorry about that...actually i haven't done that on purpose i wasn't aware of how to use the software initially,but now i have...i though eveytime u post a message we have to open a new topic....i have posted my doubts & questions again on the initial thread......abhishek menon...please do reply to my query & sorry but i mainly did it i was unawares not intentionally!

Who do you think you fooling when you use two different name and ages, forget it. You did it intentionally.

Andy Velez:
I'm not buying that response either. I am locking this thread. If you have anything further to discuss keep it in your original thread. And don't start anymore new ones and definitely no new names or you will be banned.


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