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Brit with Indian Contact......Painful Sore Throat!!


Hi there Guys, I really need some help & advice. I'm basically a Brit Guy, 26 right now living in India, serving a job contract. Recently i had a sexual encounter with a escort girl...well she assured me she was HIV negative, bit she had a couple of boils/pimples on her body & she was quite slim....i had protected vaginal intercourse, but unprotected insertive fellatio....& it was quite deep throated & for almost half hour.....i have a few abrasions & small ulcers on my penis when this happened, since then i haven't been able to sleep coz of the fear of having contracted HIV. Well I'm still in India & can't go back to UK for another 3 months, so i did get tested with DNA PCR after 15 days & then again after about 35 days.....results are negative....i haven't had any specific symptoms,but now 13 weeks after suspected exposure i've developed a sore throat with excruciating pain....i did consult a DOC, who said my risk of HIV was minimal since it only involved Oral sex, & prescribed some antibiotics for me.....I'm a lil better today...however i would really need your opinion about my chances.....I'm negative?? or am i heading into what i feared the most????


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