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Back from Thailand

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I've arrived back from Thailand, safe and sound.

I had a great time. The Thai people are so warm and welcoming and oh so beautiful. I spent the first few days in Bangkok with my mate Grant. I guess we did the usual tourist things and visited the Grand Palace, the weekend markets, lots of good food and drink etc. The heat and humidity was pretty tough at first, but nothing this little Aussie couldn't deal with, except for the odd 'white-out' here and there.

We then had 3 days in Chiang Mai, which was a lovely escape from the hustle and bustle that is Bangkok. I went elephant riding, visited a tribe of 'long necks' and Doi Suthep, a buddhist temple on the side of a mountain overlooking the city. We also visited an orphanage, took them along some goodies and played football with some young thai lads who ran rings around Grant and I. About 25% of the kids in the orphanage are HIV+ but they are fully integrated with the other kids and treated just the same. I was pleasantly surprised.

The last few days were spent back in Bangkok where we had dinner at an open air restaurant on the 63 floor of the State One building, boogied at Bed Supperclub, and shopped madly in department stores, china town and any market I could find.

I've included a couple of pics for those interested

[attachment deleted by admin]

a few more pics.

Jaser - if you read this please pm me your address as i picked you up some hand woven silk from the long neck tribe

[attachment deleted by admin]

and the long neck's

[attachment deleted by admin]

The Canuck:
Hi Little Steve,

Thanks for the pics and nice to hear you had a great time in Thailand. I actually learned something as well, I thought they had those long neck tribe only in Africa.  :)


The Canuck

Matty the Damned:
Awwww! Little Steve!!! When you said "long necks", I thought you were buying the beers! ;)

Welcome back!



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