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Since We're Sharing Our Lab Results...


I went to the doctor last Saturday (my doctor was headed out on vacation and would be gone for a week or so)  to get refills on medication and to get my last labs.  Had a flat tire, ended up having to travel over two hundred miles on a do-nut spare but made it home in time to buy another tire.  So all's well ends well I suppose.

CD4: 420
VL: 62,778

My doctor was headed to the Florida Keys...says he'll tell me all about it when he returns.  I'm so jealous.

Hey David,

Sorry about the flat tire.  These things seem to always happen at the worst time.  But your labs seem good.  Are you and the doctor ok with the results?  Seems like you can hold off meds for the time being.

Take care and thanks for sharing!


For being someone who can take or leave pot, those cd4's look awfully suspiscious!  :D

Suspicious?...In what way?  I often doubt the accuracy of lab results but I wouldn't use the word suspicious.  As far as med's are concerned...Cliff I think you forget.  I was on Truvada and Sustiva...Before Steven-Johnson's Syndrome.  But once you've contracted SJS ( and I had a very severe case) the chances of contracting it again are very high if I take med's...and between you and me.  SJS is a MF

Hi David...

Thanks for sharing your news and labs with us....I've been wondering how you've been!

Those flat tires are a pain in the butt!!

Love to you,

Zephyr :-*


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