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Major CD4 Drop Question

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My .02: wait a month, get another lab done, assess it all then. Percentages are better, as has been mentioned.

Rest assured that there is really no difference between 600 and 1700 in terms of efficacy. 1700 is almost off the scale! 600 and you are living normal.


Thanks to all for the responses.  I asked my case manager to find me a diffrent doctor, and I will get retested in a month or so.   


A cd4 count of 1700 is very high, usually caused by high total lymphocytes. I really think that the stress around moving could cause that drop and I wouldn;t be surprised if your percentage hadn't changed that much. Try to find that number, then you really know if you should be worried.

Good luck!


my doctor give NO credence to high cd4's in general.

I've initially tested at 740.. dropped steadily to 500..then started meds... I rebounded to about 800 then jumped to 1625, then back down to 820 then back up to 1540.

What does that mean.. Nothing.   At higher cd4's, it means nothing at all.   they bounce around like crazy. 

Was I concerned when I dropped from 1600+ to 840?  Sure... I thought I had just lost half my immune system.  But I didn't.

My immune system is fine, and the cd4's are not indicative of functionality at a higher level of counts.   (Now they certainly are more important at lower levels, but within the normal range, the are going to fluctuate greatly even on a day to day basis.


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