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First of all, sorry my English:(

I had a vaginal sex with condom, but i made a mistake which was i used double condom. I thought that is more safe but than i learnt it is not good... :(
And also my partners vaginal liquid transmitted my hands and in my finger, there was a scurf...

7 days later after sex, i had a sore throat, after this very strong  muscle aches had started at the  second week, i had  swollen glands( lymph nodes) in groin, under my chin, and armpit. They are still exist and also i am in 33rd day.  For three days i had a rash on my hip for three days...And also i have pain abdoman(abdomen, kidney area)

After that i went to laboratory for test at 23 rd day. This test is VIDAS HIV DUO test, you know which is for P24 antigen and HIV 1/2 antibody. And this result is negative. But i still afraid too much...

Yes i will go antibody test again at 13 rd week but, what do you know about this test?  Can i trust a little this VIDAS HIV DUO test in the 23rd day...

Please help me, my symptons are really strong...

I afraid too much...

Thanks for your answers...


The reason you are not supposed to use two condoms at once is because it makes it more likely that one or both will break. If yours did not break, then you did not have a risk for hiv infection. This means you don't need further testing, you ARE hiv negative.

You only need to confirm your negative result if the condom(s) broke during intercourse.


Thank you very much for your answer...

I am not sure for comdoms were broken or not...But i did it same night four times....

Yes symptons are nothing, i know but symptons are really strong...

What about my test? 23. day VIDAS HIV DUO test? For 23. days can it be detect antigen only?

Matty the Damned:

Since you were not exposed to HIV you don't need to test at all.


Andy Velez:
When condoms break it's not a teeny tiny little hole or tear that you can hardly see. It's very clear what has happened because it ends up looking like a hula hoop on your penis. If that didn't happen to you then the condom did not break.

As for symptoms, neither the presence nor the absence of them mean anything in knowing for real about HIV status. So just because you have whatever happening to your body doesn't tell you anything about HIV. Since from what I can gather your condom(s) did not break, you are worrying needlessly about HIV.

You need to discuss your symptoms with your doctor and find out what is happening. As far as I can tell from what you've reported this is NOT an HIV situation and there is no need for HIV testing.


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