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Cut myself on chair while getting up...


Worried Scott:
I was at the computer and got out real quick and cut myself on the legs of the chair, and it bled. Now I had someone else get me a bandaid while I was washing the blood off. Is it possible to spread HIV this way? I don't have HIV but it's still blood. Someone helped me put it on since it was at a really akward angle for me to put it on. Also I put my leg on the bathroom sink and I'm worried that little droplet of blood might have gotten on the sink.

Would it be possible for someone to get HIV if they helped me put a bandaid on?

Would it be possible for someone to get HIV if they touched the blood on the sink?

Is it possible for some infection of HIV from your own blood?

I don't have HIV, btw, but can HIV come from someone without HIV from touching blood?


You can't give someone something you don't have. 

Please read the lessons on transmission in the Welcome thread at the top of this forum.


Worried Scott:
Okay thanks.

But say this happened to someone in like school. What if I had went to the bathroom and touched thier blood on the sink or helped put a bandaid on him and accidently touching his blood? Saying if he has HIV, etc.


It takes alot more than just contact with infected blood to transmit the virus. You would have to get fresh blood into a fresh wound to have the possibility of infection.  HIV looses its ability to infect once outside the body for very long.

Did you read those lessons yet??



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