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 Ann they did Nat testing , what kind of test is  that I recived my results and I was wondering whats NAT testing it  said N , Thanks


IF you've tested negative at (or more than) three months, then you did not become infected from your anal exposure.

Nat testing is what they use to test donated blood. It doesn't really concern you because you simply cannot donate blood to discover your hiv status. If you haven't tested for the anal incident, then you need to go to a clinic and have an hiv antibody test done.



I very nearly forgot - I've deleted the posts you left in other threads. Do not post in any thread but your own. Read the Welcome Thread like you're supposed to. Make sure you READ the posting guidelines and ABIDE by them. Don't make me warn you about this again.

While you're there, click on and read the Lessons provided. It will tell you all you need to know about NAT and other tests.


 Ann I send you message so you understand thanks

 After 3 months


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