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Feeling the gap

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I don't know what's wrong with these kids today!
Who can understand anything they say?
They are so ridiculous and immature!
I don't see why anybody wants 'em!
Just you wait and see
Kids! They are just impossible to control!
(Soon you'll be old enough to be)
Kids! With their awful clothes and their rock an' roll!
(Another teenage delinquent)
Why can't they be like you were,
Perfect in every way?
What's the matter with kids to--
What the devil's wrong with these kids today?
Who could guess that they would turn out that way!
Why can't they be like we were,
Perfect in every way?
What's the matter with kids?
What's the matter with kids?
What's the matter with kids today?

(I miss having the little music notes)

lol @ using ME as a barometer of the language.  This whole thread goes straight to my high school guidance counselor.


Jonathan, you're the cutest barometer I know!

In truth, I can't say much about the kids..all my friends think I have fallen completely off the deep end....I've started pronouncing HIV as "hive" instead of
 H-I-V.   Therefore, I say things like "my hives sure are acting up today" or "these hives are driving me nuts"....

Oh, Alan dear!
How do I understand you!  And the truth is that this happens in many languages.  And you'd  better   don't even mention this fact to the kids --- let alone attempt to make them change!    Besides, kids are the easy target here, for most adults indulge on doing that as well.  And it becomes a mess!
The last time I saw some of my nephews and nieces,  we discussed about this subject.  Well, I'm afraid it has become a lost cause.  In fact, they use and abuse of two beautiful languages: Portuguese and French.  For me, the worst is what they do with French.  However, I think that perhaps a solution is is view...for I threatened not to read their garbage any longer ;D


Matty the Damned:
I pwn u 411 u n00b 100z3rz!!!!



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