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Feeling the gap

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Bartro, my mother had those. I ate one and it not only took my weight, it gave me the real meaning to Aids. Damn I wish she was still alive, I would blamed her, for having those Aids around the house. I can tell you one thing, once you ate one, you didn't eat another.  ;)

The diet candy was actually spelled AYDS.  They were quite poplular in the 70s and early 80s.

Their commercials now provide quite a giggle.

What does this mean?? I pwn u 411 u n00b 100z3rz


I'm pretty sure that means "has three nipples" in Martian. You just have to be fluent in the language.  ;D :-*

I love the line in the ad: "Why take diet pills, when you can enjoy AYDS?"


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