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Feeling the gap

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I suppose that is what I'm feeling -- the generation gap -- because I get frustrated when I am trying to read posts where people use "2" instead of "to" and "4" instead of "for".

(4 example: this is 2 hard 2 read !)    It always reminds me of those old high school year books where someone wrote "2 sweet 2 be 4 gotten".....I hated it then, hate it now......  would it kill ya to make one more keystroke?  It actually takes me longer to read it with the number 2 in the text, because my brain doesn't process it correctly.

I guess this is the way it is going 2 B, 4 ever.

Alan (who also doesn't like using a 'z' instead of an 's' )

Matty the Damned:

I sympathise. All this internet shorthand and "1337 (leet) speek" leaves me cold too. We must be turning into cranky old queers. ;)


As someone who writes, it makes me shudder to see how unintelligible netspeak has become. I don't >3 it. I don't >3 it one bit.

I find it irritating and an atrocious mutilation of written English. What's the matter with kids today?  ::)

Yes, Matty dear, we're just 2 old fagz.......

I honestly can't see why people can't make one or two more keystrokes to write something legible and intelligible (is that a word?).



edited to add:  I guess it is a word, Jonathan used it so I feel comfortable with it.


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