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Anyone on Aptivus?



<<The strict "black-box" warning on the label of the HIV drug Aptivus is being changed to warn of potential fatal bleeding within the brain.

Aptivus, a protease inhibitor which blocks an enzyme which HIV needs to make more copies of itself, has been linked to 14 reports of intracranial hemorrhaging.

Eight of those patients died. There are 6,840 HIV patients taking the medication as part of antiretroviral therapy in clinical trials.

Aptivus already has a "black box" warning, the strictest a prescription drug can bear, over concerns the medication could lead to potentially serious liver problems, especially in patients with liver disease.>>

Holy crap.

Matty the Damned:
I read this in the Clinical Trials forum. I agree, babe -- Holy Crap!!!!

(Who has enough trouble with his brain and liver)

I was on Aptivus (tipranavir) for 2.5 years. No major problems, but I just switched to Previzta (TMC114), which was approved two weeks ago. Previzta supposedly has fewer side effects than other protease inhibitors, but who knows what will surface a few months or a year from now. At least the Previzta requires only half as much Norvir as Aptivus (2 pills a day, instead of 4). Norvir really screws around with your cholesterol and triglycerides and is also a major cause of diarrhea.


I totally know what you mean about Norvir. Even the little amount needed to boost Reyataz was enough to send me into a prolonged case of the nasties. Let's just say that I have great empathy for Joe (killfolie)'s use of rubber bands.

Now that TMC114 is approved I can't imagine why anyone would continue with Aptivus, since it has better activity against resistance with less effects.  Aptivus sounds wretched!!


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