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Almost Undetectable After 20 Years, Finally!!!

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I just got back from my doctor's appointment. It was an important day because my viral load test and my cd4 test were going to be read to me. I had to take an Imodium because I was a nervous wreck. After becoming resistant to almost all meds the doctor put me on Fuzeon, Aptivus & Norvir. I had felt awful during the first two months of their use but after a month and a half the doctor had my blood taken to see how the meds were working. I was in shock to hear him say that the viral load had dropped from 60,800 copies to only 79 copies! And that my cd4 had gone up from 250 to 300. A slight rise but that it will keep ascending now that the viral load is low. In my 20 years of being positive my hiv level had NEVER dropped under 3000 and I tried everything on the shelves. I was sort of depressed because I didn't think the new meds were going to do much for me but I kept with the program sharp and VOILA! the meds really worked like other hiv'ers on this forum had said! Especially Fuzeon which I hate because of the nasty injections twice a day. I wanted to share this personal information on the forum because I know there are other persons like me who might also be on their salvage regimen or doubting that their meds might be working but I just want to say to "keep the faith" and continue with the treatments available. They do work. You just have to find that perfect combination that works for you.
PS( My doc said that a new form of Fuzeon was coming out next year. The good thing about it; it comes in a pill. ) It's from another company who is mastering the technique. Yippy! Bye, bye injections...I myself am off to Montreal's Pride because this deserves a celebration!



That is great news!!



Great news is always. . . . .well great to hear!   ;)


(Who's also on Fuzeon and is grateful for the option cause it's working so well.)

Fantastic!!!! ;D

I am doing a happy dance for you!! Wonderful news!!



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