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dumb idiot:
I am a female who had unprotected sex with a man for all of two minutes. He did not ejaculate inside of me. This was september 2, 2006. I was very scared and freaking out because i knew my hiv status because i had just been tested six months ago and have had the same partner for 5 years. This was just a dumb incident. Anyway i asked the guy i had sex with to get a hiv test 3 months after the exposure. We both went and he tested hiv negative December 21st 2006.  Now i know i still need to get an hiv test since i had unprotected sex(briefly) but, I was wondering what are the chances i contracted hiv considering he tested negative 3 months and almost three weeks after we had sex? Help me please Andy or Ann its driving me nuts!

Matty the Damned:

If the fellow you had sex with tested negative 3 months after you had sex with him it follows that you will be HIV negative as well, the window period being 3 months.

But, HIV is nothing to make guesses about and relying on him to tell you the truth about his status is not the surest way to be certain. I'm presuming when you say

i knew my hiv status because i had just been tested six months ago

that you mean you tested 6 months prior to the sexual encounter you refer to here.

I would advise you to have an HIV antibody test without delay, you might also ask for a full STD screen as well. HIV is a fragile virus that is difficult to transmit and in all likelihood you will test negative, but you need to test nonetheless.

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dumb idiot:
I already had a full std check 3 weeks after the encounter with him. I tested negative for everythiing. I am not guessing at his status. I was with him when he tested and I  saw the results myself right after he took the test. So I know what his status was. I also know i need to test just so I can be sure of what my status is, I just wanted to know what the likelehood of my results would be

Andy Velez:
From what you have described I would expect you to test negative.

You do need to learn from this experience. If you have either vaginal or anal intercourse  with other guys you have to make sure a condom is used everytime. No exceptions.

Good luck with your test result.


dumb idiot:
Thanks Andy I apppreciate the advice. I do not plan on having sex with anyone other than the guy i have been with for years. I have always known i needed to test i was just too scared. But it helps a lot for me to get the courage and go test since you expect it will be negative. I am just glad i knew the status of the guy i slept with instead of guessing. That made me feel somewhat better but i still need my own test for my peace of mind.


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