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Flu shot and blood work and barium, Oh My!

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I thought it would be an uneventful visit to the doctor today.

First thing the doc does is have me roll up my sleeve. He gave me my flu shot, then realized as he went to put a bit of gauze on it he had forgotten to put on gloves.

I put my own gauze and tape on. He had his mind elsewhere.

The pain in my stomach is still bothering me. But, the doc doesn't think it is as simple as acid reflux. Seems he thinks more info is needed.

So, he gave me a slip for more labs, including a liver check up, after he had me lay on the table and he gave me the a rather thorough poking and once over.

Then he got one of those contemplative looks on his face. I hate it when he does that because it means he has something he wants to do that I'm probably not going to like.

He said he first wants me to get a CT scan. replete with barium lemonade, to see if anything pops up. Do you know how much barium-laced lemonade I have to drink? A QUART! UGH!

Then, he said an endoscopy is probably in order.

All of this because of a lingering pain in the gut.

Oh well, Friday is the day. Wish me luck.



I saw Barium in the title and I thought OH SHIT!

Good luck :D


Will be thinking of always.

If it gets rid of those gut problems and puts the pain to rest once and for all then it will be worth it in the end....and yes I know,  that's easy for me to say... ;)

Jan :-*

Hey Mark,

Wishing you the best, on all the tests !


Hey Mark,

Try this again, my post got lost...Wishing you the best on all the tests. I just signed up last night for the flu shot at work.

Take care------Ray


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