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Damn HMO's


Hi all.
Remember I was starting a new clinic and they lost my bloodwork...well
I had to redo it all over again..
I went where they told me to go for my bloodwork, and the women said they dint
take this coverage..
So i had gotten the address from her, and went to blood lab techs..
Had my blood drawn again , but this time it will get to my doctor.
But before I had my blood taken, they said I need a code number..I said i dint have
They responded, your doctor should of gave you one.. ???
So i called my Dr's office and she gave me the code number.

Then I had to take xrays of my lungs due to having the world trade cough..
Anyway, I handed them the prescribtion and they said you need a referral as well.
 >:( Now I angry because the Dr's didn't give me shit.. So i had to call again
and have them fax over the referral papers....

In between, I went to McDonald's to eat something, because they took my blood, so
i ate..While eating, the Dr's office calls and says, "OK we faxed the referral over and now
you can have your xrays done..

Thank god my friend drove me back and fourth, because the car service they give us
would of never waited and re drove me to the right place for blood work..
They only have one order and they go by that alone///

October 18, is when ill have my xrays and my bloodwork when i see the doctor.
Thank god..Feels like I've been waiting for every...
Hmo's made things a bit complicated for me..
Has anyone else experienced this???? :-[

Miss Philicia:
Well, I think all of us here have suffered through incompetence at some time or another but what you described sounds excessive.  My only recommendation with this is to give very clear instructions to your HIV doctor as well as the person in the "office"-y section that handles the administrative tasks.  There's some miscommunication somewhere, and as you are a new patient at your HIV clinic perhaps they simply don't have your file set up correctly.

You need to ask questions of the right person and insist that they correct whatever mistakes are causing these recurring problems.  If you don't do the leg work yourself you will just continue to encounter this type of stuff.  You have to be firm and insistent with someone if you want to locate where the problem is.

Overall I'd say they did in fact make an error not giving you the proper code in advance of the blood work, but with referrals you need to know yourself what your HMO requires, and if not constantly ask your doctor's office "Do I need a referral for this?" -- this is just common sense with HMO stuff.

Good luck.

hi there,

In this state they just started hmo's for hiv patients..

In NYC where I lived before, if you were hiv, you didn't need an hmo..

Anyway, these doctors are new to me and new to the HMO new policies..

Now I know what to ask for from them before I get sent somewhere for any type of
work being done on me..

Weather it be xrays or blood, I will always ask, "are you sure this is all I need"...
so with that being said, hopefully there will be no more leg work on my part..

Thanks for your response .. ;)

I would be very specific with questions....1. Do I need a referral ?  do I need an order for Blood work? xray?  other tests?   most HMOs/ hospital require a specific order for each item.....

after a while you will get the hang of it and don't be afraid to ask for more convenient locations....sending you all over town is not a good way to do this.....find somewhere convenient for you and ask to be referred to that place...Hmos usually have many choices..


Hey Ubotts,

Yes, HMOs are a pain in the butt, but they are a fact of life. I agree with Nick, ask specific questions like, "Do I need a referral?"

Once you get the hang of it, it will be just a complicated, but not quite as frustrating - usually.

As for incompetence, I have more than once had a phlebotomist try to administer an HIV test rather than a viral load, so I understand.




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