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Hubbys Results!!!!

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Hubby got his results today. His first since starting meds.

CD4: 203  was 85

VL: 125    was 284,678

%: 18.0   was: didnt know

The dr said his testosterone was low and is prescribing a jell that he rubs in...dont remember what she said it was called.

Im just so excited....been doing a happy dance and singing the "so excited" verse from the song "Im so excited" by the Ponter Sisters.

I know he has a way to go but so happy that his numbers did what they were suppose least his CD4s and his VL.   ;D


Teresa, and Hubby,

Life is truly good and fun.  Happy Dance all around.

In Love and Respect.

Congratulations to both you and your husband.  ;D



   That is great news!  Once the doc gets those testosterone levels back to normal I am sure both of you will really be happy dancing!


Congrats on the numbers.  I think the gel is called andro-gel.  If that's what he's taking, watch out for a rise in libido!  :o

Oh yeah, I forgot... got my numbers today too:

cd4 700
vl    undetectable
%   46 (big rise from last)

This is what you could  look forward to in a year of treatment.


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