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Hi AM family

It's been a while since I posted. I've been visiting family in California. I head back to Australia on Friday. I may have some very exciting immigration news soon too. I'll keep you all posted.
Here is a link to a story in today's LA Times.,0,3233276,full.story?coll=la-home-headlines

 It talks about Long term non progressors (LTNP's) and 'elite controllers'. It mentions the Harvard study that Zephyr, myself and others here at AM are involved with. To find out if you may be eligible for the Harvard study go to Clinical Trials and see the Elite Controllers thread.

in Peace and Love

Hi Paul,

Thanks so much for calling me today to alert me to this article! Hopefully, it will generate interest from others who would like to enroll in Dr. Walker's study and assist in the research.

I've said it before, it is my HONOR to be a part of the on-going studies conducted by the various entities, and I will continue to travel to donate whatever it is they need to forward the knowledge.

I want to personally thank you, too, for travelling across the thousands of miles you do to participate...I know only too well the toll it takes on you.

May you have a safe journey back to the land of Oz, dear. I hope things fared well in your absence.

I'll miss you, honey.


I know from my friends with chimp experience at Yerkes that our ability to successfully extrapolate HIv in chimps (who can be infected, but shrug off the infection and revert to seronegative) to human-based therapy has not happened.  We still don't KNOW why chimps, so close to humans, do not as a rule maintain an HIV infection, much less progress to AIDS. There have been fewer than five successful attempts to create an AIDS situation in a chimp, yet the WHY of this eludes us.

Only by studying HUMANS who are long-term non-progressors will we be able to discover the genetic code that makes this happen, in my opinion. There is only so far we can go with chimp/primate study, and insofar as LTNP status goes, I believe we reached that wall years and years ago.

THAT is why identifying and studying LTNP's in the human population is SO DAMNED IMPORTANT. HIV eludes our ability to extrapolate from petri dish to people, from primate/simian/chimp to people. I applaud, and am ALWAYS going to be the champion of, people willing to make the sacrifices in time and energy and effort (not to mention financial sacrifice) to participate in the study that might .. just ... stop HIV.

You guys are heroes. From your genetic structure to your huge hearts.

Just saying.

Hello Paul,

Thanks for sharing the article with us,( very good article) and thankyou for yours and Zephyr's participation in these studies. Believe me, it doesn't go unnoticed here !!

The Best-------Ray

Hi Paul,

Thanks for posting the link.  It was a very interesting read.




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