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AMG 06 : Side-Trip to Quebec City, August 20th - VAN RENTAL -

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The Canuck:
Hi y'all !

It was mentioned recently we would need vans for the side-trip to Quebec City. I have all the information concerning the location, however we need another person for renting a van. It would be best to do it as soon as possible and make sure we will have the three vans reserved for August 20th.

Rocky ( Rab ) already proposed themselves for renting one so we need two extra volunteers to do the same. At this moment we evaluated we require three vans with a capacity for 7 persons. If nothing change we are 28 persons doing this side-trip.

Evaluation of the needs for transportation

So far we have three cars available.

1-   My car ( 4 passengers )
2-   John & Trish car ( possibly 4 passengers )
3-   Dingo & Jen ( 2 passengers )

Approx. total = 10 persons

There are 18 persons remaining so we need at least three vans. If this figure doesn’t change then it would be best to put 6 persons in each vans for splitting the cost of the rental and gasoline. We’ll see to that when the time comes. We can accommodate so far a total of 31 persons…so we have three places left with the arrangement as it is now.

What is required for making the location ?

1-   A valid driver permit
2-   A credit card to the same name of the driver permit
3-   A proof of your insurance company that says you are covered if an accident occurs
4-   To be 25 years old and + ( they would rent to someone younger but with extra charges of $25.00 CAD )

Trifty is located in the same building as our hotel, and their vans are in the hotel’s parking so this is very practical for picking them up and returning them. The total price for each van (24 hours ) is $97.83 CAD ( include taxes & unlimited mileage ) + gasoline.

For van rental  reservation

When calling them up ( the sooner the better )…specify you want to reserve a van ( 7 passengers capacity ) for August 20th ( one day ). Specify you will have a proof of coverage from your insurance company and take the deal with unlimited mileage ( $97.83 CAD including taxes ).

855 St. Catherine Est
Montréal, Québec

Phone : 514-845-5954

AMG 06 attendees responsible for a van location

1 – Rocky ( rab ) – reservation done today July 6th
2-  Thom ( Ric & Thom ) - reservation done July 10th
3-  Robert - reservation done

The other volunteers can reply to this topic or send me a PM and specify he/she will reserve a van, which will then be added above.


It has not been decided who would get into the cars and such details. We’ll see to that later on…the most important thing right now is to have the three vans reserved for the side-trip to Quebec City.

See ya' in Montreal....


The Canuck

Edited for adding Thom to the list...only one volunteer missing.
Edited for adding Robert to the more volunteers are required


Thanks so much for getting this set up. 

I did make the reservation today, but I'm hoping (please please please) that when we all get there, someone else will be willing to actually drive/rent the one I reserved.

I nearly had a nervous breakdown last year (See Attachment below)  driving a van full of giddy, hyper, laughing, HIVers and friends (See Attachment below) down the Queens Expressway.  Course it didn't help my "co-pilot"  (UHUM!) had medicated himself before we left!   ::)


(Who to this day still hasn't figured out how to "TURN LEFT RIGHT" at the same damn time!   :D )

[attachment deleted by admin]

The Canuck:

--- Quote ---Who to this day still hasn't figured out how to "TURN LEFT RIGHT" at the same damn time!
--- End quote ---


Was it your co-pilot who gave you the indication for '' turn left right '' ? If so, then I'm happy of not really needing a co-pilot if that person happens to be seated right besides me in the car.  8)

The Canuck

The Canuck:

Hi Claude,

Since you said that you have room in your car for 3 others, and I assume that one of them will be taken by Brent, I was wondering if you would mind if Joe (Killfoile) and I could share the ride with you?  I would much prefer to ride with someone from the area, someone who speaks French (I love to hear it and would like to practice what I have been trying to learn) and I really don't want any repeat of the crap that happened last year over the van rental.  I would just as soon be a passenger and be able to sit back and enjoy the ride.  I'm sure someone else can step up to the plate to rent a van.  Please let us know as soon as you can as maybe we might rethink the side trip if this is not possible.  I know Joe is looking forward to meeting you, as am I, and of course, we both know Brent from getting together a few times in Fort Lauderdale.  Looking forward to Montreal and we CAN'T WAIT to move there!  Cheers.  Stephen


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