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25yo male hooker, drug dealer, on crystal, out of jail, syphilis and now HIV+

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And no insurance.

His CD4 count: 234.

With a count like this I believe he's been infected for some time. He tells me that his last test was 5 years ago. The syphilis rash made him go to the hospital for 12 days on IV, loss of vision for a couple of days.

He has no idea of his VL and just heard his CD4, he never got any paperwork showing test results from the hospital.

I know ADAP can help but it will take some months before he can get treatment. Until then, I'm not sure what are his options to at least get his blood tests done, get his counts and go from there? There is a place called "The Center" in san diego for gay people and i'm sure they can help, but I'd like to understand what are his options, or maybe I should go there with him?

He had millions of questions about HIV and AIDS, so I tried to explain to him what this count meant, what is the Viral load etc.. He's a bit overwhelmed but I think I convinced him that he cannot wait anymore and needs to get care.

Since his has no money, he's still dealing. That's sad but so real.


Miss Philicia:
He should go to an ASO, get a case manager, and learn of local resources that may provide lab tests and medical services regardless of the ability to pay.  Many clinics do so.  The ASO will know where to go.  Plus they will have the paperwork for ADAP and can hopefully expedite it if needed -- here in PA they can authorize an emergency supply of meds for 30 days while the forms are processed and in place by the 2nd month.

If he's too strung out etc. to handle it alone just go with him and take a book for the waiting room.  I will refrain from making comments about knowing hookers.

Thanks Philly. I told him that The Center should know the ASO then go from there. I looked at the paperwork for ADAP with him and he's definitely eligible but I was not sure about the time it takes for processing.


maybe he's a rugby player?


--- Quote from: UpAllNight on September 26, 2007, 02:42:02 AM ---maybe he's a rugby player?

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