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just had to toot a horn for myself

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First let me apologize sinc eim sure most people here dont know me or have ever really seen me. i dont post often and am always so busy so rarely get online. but after my latest lab work jsut had to toot a horn for myself. went to doc yesterday and got the results from lab work done on the 7th of june and the 20. now mind you i started meds for the first time on the 27 of may and at that time my tcells were at 343 and load was at 110,000. well yay after one month on the pills my tcells are up to 743 and my viral load is down to 1090 ^_^. went out with my partner last night nad celebrated with a huge platter of sushi lol. alright enough of my own self congrats. thanks for the space to do it.
-Rob ;D


Those are great numbers! I would have celebrated too!!


Andy Velez:
Toot away, Rob. That's a great turnaround!




Always nice to hear good news!  :)


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