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My Knee

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OUCH...that sucks.  Knee injuries are no fun.

Take it easy, Jeff.  Don't rush to get back on it.

(who wants to see Jonathan in his singlet)   ;) ::)

Poz Brit:
Hi Jeff, I can sympathise with your situation, as I am also suffering knee problems in both of them at the moment, and also gout in the right foot, so not able to get about. You are doing the right thing by elevating it, and here’s hoping you are back walking soon.
Wishing you a speedy recovery

Thanks everyone, I'll take it easy this weekend.  I have therapy next Tuesday and I wonder what my therapist will say.  As I think about it more it was probably a combination of thing that happened.  I tripped on the deck stairs about 2 weeks ago and then last weekend I missed a step leaving the movies and lost my balance and the this past Tuesday I turned wrong and came down on it.  I'm really not blonde :)  Shane I had the same thoughts when Jonathon mentioned wrestling :P

I just wish I was hung like jeff so if I turned my weeknee everyone would play with it.  ;) Get well soon Jeff.

Hey Jeff,

Knee injuries suck big time. No other way to put it.

I have had several with the net result being I have a cane. I don't use it often. But, sometimes, when the weather changes or I do something to aggravate it, it will give me fits.

Hence the cane, because more than once it has given out on me and I end up a heap on the sidewalk.

Take good care of it.




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