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Uugh!!!   Isn't that what Charlie Brown use to say :)   Just when I thought I was doing so well I twisted my knee.  Last Thursday I walked the treadmill for 36 minutes, 1/2 mile.  A milestone for me given that I just started walking again in May after a year.  Seems like out of nowhere I turned wrong, twisted and came down on my knees.  It would be one thing if I was drunk or if I went down on my knees for a hot boy (oink) but no just an accident on my part.   So since Tuesday I haven't been able to put pressure on my left leg without pain near my knee.  I've iced it and kept it elevated and took Aleve to help the swelling.  Today with great caution I made it to the computer which is upstairs.  I'm hoping it's just a temporary setback and I'll still be able to walk in AIDSWALK in September.

I haven't been on much since before the holiday so I hope everyone is doing well and you had a good 4th of July


Jeff...i have bad knees and about 3 months ago my knee was so bad i couldnt put any weight on it. The dr told me to alternate heat and ice on my knee. I would have the heating pad on it and then id get a package of frozen peas ( it will mold to your knee or where u need it) and hold that on my knee. It really helped and i was able to walk on it after a couple of days.

Wish i could say i hurt mine from exercising...but i think mine are bad from holding up so much weight..LOL
Need to lose a few....hell need to lose alot!

Hope your knee is better soon!


Ouch! I am sorry to hear about that setback. I tore up my knee when I was wrestling in high school, and  I still remember the pain (and the uncertainty of taking a step, wondering if it was going to give way). I hope you  heal up quickly and completely!

Hi Jeff,

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Hope your knee is feeling better soon. Go easy on it until you're sure it's mended, you don't want to risk further injury!



I hope your knee feels better soon. 



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