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I don't know if it is stress or my body but something is hurting. Tonight, while trying to get around, my back and joints started hurting. My leg has been aching intermittenly for almost a week and I am starting to stress myself out even more. Basically, I tested positive almost 2 weeks ago and have been stressed out of my mind. I have been tired a lot since then and have been afflicted daily with headaches (before I got headaches 2 or 3 times a year). My doc hasn't gotten back to me since my diagnosis and I have become paranoid, thinking that every ache & pain is stemming from my hiv status. I want to go to the emergency room tonight and check myself in. But, then again, it's just my muscles that are paining me now (along with the occasional joint pain). I really would like to have my bloodwork done so I have an idea of where I stand, but until then, does anyone have any practical advise? I have been know to have psychosomatic reactions in the past, but is this the real thing? Any feedback would be appreciated cause Im freaking the fuck out. I don't know what to do and have no one I can immediatley reach out to. Also, I did get a message on my machine from my hospital requesting an appointment -- hopefully its for bloodwork.

Thanks a ton.

Hey Bro

I also got my confirmation result recently, a bit earlier than yours. All I can share with you is that all these muscle and joint pains are very likely caused by stress. At this early stage of diagnosis we are all stressed out by many things - I for once slept more than usual and felt constantly tired for the last few weeks, not having done any exercise, didn't eat too well and relaying too much on protein supplement to fill my stomach. And yesterday, I forced myself to walk up the hill near where I live and only that little half an hour walk made me felt better immediately and I ate a lot more at dinner.

I still notice the muscle ache but then I realize that it's nothing more than what I usually felt in the past when I was stressed out by other things, and other old problems like sitting on my ass for too long in the usually bad postures in the office. I have taken some days off and today I needed to pull myself out of bed to go to work, but now that I am at work and focusing a bit, I also feel a lot better.

I will sign on to restart my gym routine within this week and I am looking forward to it. My dear friend I suggest you to do the same - it doesn't need to be in a gym but just go out and do something, whatever, find a bike and ride around town a bit, or just a nice walk with your iPod on listening to your favorite music. Staying at home and worrying too much will only make it worse.

If you promise to be my buddy and help to keep reminding me to do exercises, I will do the same for you!

Hugs, Shaun

Hi Next2u,

First of all I want to say only you can know if you are hypochondriac, but from what you wrote it seems clear you are obsessing. You probably donít want to hear this, but you need to slow down and find other things to keep your mind active and interested. Otherwise, you might just make yourself sick with all this worry, and Iím sure you donít want that. Being ďstressed out of your mindĒ is no way to live.

Itís good you are taking an active interest in your health, but try not to overdo it. You recently tested positive but you are not going to get sick and die tomorrow. I tested positive in 1988 and the treatment then was extremely toxic. My doc told me to go home and get my affairs in order because I would probably be dead in six months. Things have changed a lot since then and improved by leaps and bounds.

You are going to be okay!



Hi Next,

Take it easy,   treat yourself to a massage for those aching joints and try not to stress!  It sounds like your body is telling you to take some time out for yourself.

Take care



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