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Not sleeping well with new meds

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Hi Everyone,
Last week I started new meds-Rescriptor, Hivid, Emtriva, and Reyataz. I have not slept right since, even with Ambien. Has anyone else experienced this? I feel like crap when I don't sleep. I called the Dr, and she wants me to try Benadryl first before trying a prescription. Less chance of interactions with the Benadryl.

Other than the not sleeping, I have not had any other side effects. Yea!

Christine..who is cranky, irritable, and has lovely bags under my eyes....

This is not a common side effect of any of these 4 drugs, but it is modestly present for all NNRTIs, ie a some people experience this  on Viramune and Rescriptor, plus a very few people get it on Hivid (ddC).  It may just be an effect of the new meds hammering the virus. Why are you on this ancient drug anyway? It is the worst in terms of peripheral neuropathy etc.

- matt

Hi Matt,
Thanks for the info. I started the GS-9137 protocol a few weeks ago, but was randomized to the non-drug arm of the study. I had to start new meds as part of the protocol, and these are ones I have not been on in the past. I have resistance to a lot of others, so that is why they picked these.

I have not experienced neuropathy with any of the other meds, so I am hoping it won't happen with the hivid.

Thanks again,

I think all these drugs are different for every one as far as side effects. I cant remember but it was either viracept or razmatz that I had sleeping problems on(was doing emtriva with both,emtriva makes me very ill 24/7). Developed ringing inthe ears on razmataz. That isnt a listed side effect but I remember reading several here having that problem.

Is Hivid back in the repertoire? I haven't spoken anyone for years who was on hivid!

I remember having sleeping problems on Hivid, back in 1993, Christine!



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