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Need Help From Someone Who's Gay, Poz & Living in Montreal

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Seems like my hubby and I are going to be going from placidly doing nothing to packing and leaving the country on our way to Montreal.  He is a Canadian citizen who hasn't lived in Canada since he's been 5.  I have private insurance.  Can someone please tell us what to expect and what to do and if we can have our own doctor.  All of the sudden the freak-out factor is setting in! 


Stephen and Joe

Hi Stephen,

I live in Ottawa and unfortunately know nothing of how things work in Montreal. Hopefully someone else here can help you. Have you tried contacting any ASOs or perhaps a hospital there for info?


Hi Daniel,

Thanks for your input.  No, I haven't tried any ASOs yet.  I'll try that.  I think COC is one in the area.  We are most likely going to go to Montreal in October for a house hunting trip and will try to get as much info in person.  The problem is we don't speak French too well at this point.  Of course, that will change rather quickly.

We are also interested in how the government handles medical marijuana.  Here, in the states, we use marinol for nausea as well as pain relief and other associated side effects.  I was wondering how most HIV docs feel about prescribing it.  I have chronic pain from neuropathy.

We also want to find out if there might be any programs that will help us with getting a mortgage with little or no money down, perhaps due to the disability angle there might be special programs?  We are basically walking away from our house since we no longer can afford the $4500 USD mortgage payment (and escrow) monthly and it will be easier to start over.  We have decent inicomes so paying our bills and saving shouldn't be a problem.  Even if that means renting a place for a year or two before we buy.  We should be able to save a minimum of $50K for a down-payment in two years.  We also have 2 indoor cats and 3 little dogs (not much bigger than the cats).

It's starting to become a little overwhelming.  Hopefully, the right person will read this post and have some real answers to put our minds at rest a little bit.  Thanks to everyone.


--- Quote from: greatcyber on September 24, 2007, 01:11:26 PM ---The problem is we don't speak French too well at this point.  Of course, that will change rather quickly.

--- End quote ---

My experience in travelling to Montreal for business and pleasure is that Montrealiers seem eager to speak English with an American, while they'll stonewall a Canadian anglophone who cannot speak French.  This can make for rather strange conversation for someone with 11 years of French instruction whose dormant language comes alive with about 10 minutes on the street alone.  Of course, learning the language won't hurt you any, one you master the damned vowels.


P.S.  Have you spoken to anyone at the Canadian Embassy about the transition?  They are super-queer-friendly here in DC -- and friendly to non-super-queers, too!

Hi Stephen,

I'm thinking you might get more responses if this thread were in the Living forum, as this forum doesn't get all that much traffic.

Just say the word, and I'll move it for you.



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