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damn new clinic


I was so happy about starting this new clinic and they lost my blood results..
So i have to go back next Friday and have them draw another 13 vials of blood.
 :-\ The staff there are great, the doctors wonderful..and the social worker was
awesome..But the lab part stinks..

My doctor was very upset and so was I...
Anyway at least I got to meet my new Dr and her staff.
There awesome....

But its back to the old drawing board for my monkey ass...(sigh) I just felt like crying
and i did..

My bloodpressure was sky high...( well I think that's normal) for first time to a new clinic
and losing my frigging labs................oy ve........

So that all I have to sadly report to you all for now..
Lets hope next time, there is not mess up at the lab department...If there is, theres
going to be hell to pay, that's for sure..

Chalk it up to a single, never-to-be-repeated mistake on the labs part.  Is there a possibility of having the bloodwork done by a different lab?  My doctor uses 3 different ones, and I was able to choose the lab I was most comfortable with (and confident in).

Hang in there buddy.  It isn't worth stressing over.  :)


Well that sucks.

On the bright side, at least people at the clinic seemed to care. Maybe I'm just jaded from so many overburdened systems, but my viewpoint is every system makes technical mistakes--some more than others, and you do need to avoid those---but it's important to notice how they handle screwups. I don't blame you for being bummed, though. You've been waiting on this appointment for a long time and someone dropped the ball.

--- Quote ---Is there a possibility of having the bloodwork done by a different lab?
--- End quote ---

Good idea. You might want to ask about the whole process while you're at it.  Knowing what happens when bodily fluids leave your possession is worthwhile.

 :-\ They have told me this rarely happens,( yeah right) OK,, iam going to believe them.
Since they seemed so upset about the whole scenario......My doctor was livid about this
and made a call to the lab..
They said they had a new tech working and they were going to fire him ..
I believe this is there only lab. connected to this new clinic..
And they assured me it wont happen again. :-\
If it does, like i said before ..Iam giving the hell..
My arm is still back n blue because they used one vein, and then they said there was
no more blood coming from that vein, so they went in my hand :( ouchie..
So ill wait till next Friday and re do all labs..........wish me luck :'(


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