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Support Group in NY Area?


Quick question: Anyone know of a good support group in NYC? I'm an out gay man, but just happen not to know anyone poz, and figured some community can only be a good thing.

The main organizations - GMHC, gay center, apicha etc - all require you to "register" to become a "client." Should I? (And at this point, besides a support group or a way of meeting others, I also don't yet need a lot of help, and would rather not take up time/services that might be better devoted to someone who might need them more.)

Oh, and thanks for all your kind words. I wish you all good health, good spirits.  :)

Miss Philicia:
Go here:

You will not find a better, more welcoming and well run organization.

Go to their "Program Schedule" and look for their "Big Group" listings as they are strictly "drop in" and require no registration.  The Tuesday Night Big Group is probably the most well attended due to the later hours... good for the after-work crowd.  They also have lots of workshops, etc that you can explore once you're comfortable with the Big Group sessions.

The GMHC ( 1-800-243-7692) has a smple intake process , it is well worth it. From there, you cna get an abundance of info, other groups, etc.

Miss Philicia:
Yes, it's definitely worth registering for GMHC just in case you need their services.  I will state, however, that they can be horribly frustrating and incompetent but such is the nature of any large, overly bureaucratic organization.  Still, I had instances there where I felt I was dealing with multiple layers of dead people.  Perhaps I just had an out of ordinary experience, but it happened multiple times and with different departments so I somehow doubt it.  Maybe they're also over-burdened, under-staffed and under-funded... I don't know.  You can score nice free lunches there though :)  Good if you're destitute and need nutrition, and the foods totally eatable.  When I was waiting for my disability approval and forced to live on welfare and food stamps (o teh horrors) I went sometimes, though generally only when I was there having to deal with something else.  It's not particularly "free" once you factor in travel costs.

Friends In Deed also has lunch, though I can't recall if it's an everyday thing.  But it's a MUCH smaller affair, basically prepared by volunteers and there are only maybe 25 people eating.  GMHC is a huge cafeteria and may even have two separate seatings IIRC.  You can even get free tickets to Broadway shows at GMHC.

Friends In Deed is still without par in terms of support groups.  It's kind of New Age-y Spiritual but without being overbearing and annoying, because generally I loathe that kind of stuff.  It's very Zen.


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