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Well I'm really sorry about that...actually i haven't done that on purpose i wasn't aware of how to use the software initially,but now i have...i though eveytime u post a message we have to open a new topic....i have posted my doubts & questions again on the initial thread......abhishek menon...please do reply to my query & sorry but i mainly did it i was unawares not intentionally!

Well sorry about that again & thanx for the early reply by andy..however i have been experiencing mild fever & throat infection for the past 2 days...could there be a chance that i may be a late seroconverter if there was a minute chance to be more thing i have been on cipro for the throat infection will that & the current Viral infection in any way affect the results of a antibody test which i'm about to take in a couple of days??? please reply!!!! & i'm gonna be on this topic & thread now!!!! thanx for understanding!

Andy Velez:
If you had a real risk, which you didn't in this instance, the time to get tested for a definitive result is at 13 weeks after the most recent such event.

In this case I don't see any need for testing other than if you feel you need the inevitable negative result to put your mind at ease.

As for your symptoms, if they persist discuss them again with your doctor. This is not an HIV situation no matter your mind is saying otherwise. Those are thoughts and feelings and not facts which are in anyway grounded in HIV science.


Hi Andy.....Thanx again for tht piece of advice...really feel better now, just that here in India hiv is on the rise by the day & i'm kinda scared tht's all..but now i feel much better, basically i was confident because i know i never got into any real potential risk, but then the symptoms i had for the past 2 days got me worried??? anyways i'l get a an Elisa Antibody test tomorow, as i have just crossed the 13 week period........moreover i did consult my doctor & he said these were just signs of a passing Viral upper respiratory infection......just wanted to know if this could affect the Elisa results & give a false positive?????? i also read somewhere that any test before 13 weeks is not conclusive......what about PcR tests after 28 days???
Thanx again & you guys are doing a great job!
Abhi :)

Andy Velez:
Hi Abhi,

No, having an upper respiratory infection will not affect the accuracy of your HIV test. And I certainly expect you will get a negative result.

The state of the HIV epidemic in India is terrible so it's understandable that you should be concerned about your health, although in this instance you were not at risk. Make sure you always use a condom for intercourse and you will be well protected against HIV transmission.

The PCR was never designed to be used for diagnostic purposes. It is a highly sensitive test and because of that can yield a false positive, though not a false negative. A negative at 28 days makes it all but certain that the result will be confirmed with another negative at 13 weeks.

Good luck with your test and what as I said I fully expect will be a negative result.



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